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A.A. Lee

Q:  Is Ali Lee a pen name or your real name?

A:  Ali Lee is a variation of my real name.

Q:  When did you start writing?

A:  I started writing 4 years ago when I read an online story and thought, I can do this too.

Q:  So writing wasn't your first choice?

A:  I have always been a numbers person.  Anything having to do with finance and business has come easy for me; but it was never my passion.  I have always thought up stories and plots.  It never occurred to me to put those thoughts into writing, until I gave birth to a daughter with autism.  Suddenly, my social life changed drastically, and I was forced to adjust my daily hobbies.  When I discovered online writing sites, it was love at first site.

Q:  What was the first site you discovered?

A:  I found fanfiction.  I was actually looking for a better ending to a movie I was watching.  I had no idea that I would discover any writing sites.

Q:  Did you write fanfiction?

A:  Yes, I did.  But I really wanted to write original works.  My fanfictions strayed so far from their original settings, I had to warn my readers that they would not be reading a true fanfic.

Q:  But you write original works now?  How did that happen?

A:  I was looking for a way to self publish and came across a site called Wattpad.  I was amazed by how many subscribers a single reading and writing site attracted.  It still blows my mind.

Q:  What is Radish?

A:  Radish is a writing app that allows its readers to pay by the chapter or read a free chapter a week.  With the fury of smart phones and such, this site offers quick chapter reads at your fingertips.  Let's face it...we have all been in that meeting or school function where almost everyone has a phone in their hand.  The idea coincides with the times.

Q:  Why did you choose to join Radish?

A:  Why not?  I am already a fan of game apps and otome apps.  Plus, more opportunity comes when you choose to expand your options.  I had no good reason not to join.  

Q:  When do you plan to publish your first book?

A:  The process takes time, so I have no definite date at this point.   

Q:  Has your writing improved since your first story?

A:  Yes, my writing has improved significantly.  This is all thanks to harsh critiques and learning from them instead of tossing the pen.  One of my stories was once added to a "Do not read" book list.  Talk about a confidence booster - haha.  That was one of my first indicators that I needed to improve.

Q:  What are your strengths when it comes to writing?

A:  Plots.  I plot big and write large, elaborate outlines that I never follow.  Okay, I follow them but getting to those main story points often change.  There should never be a dull moment with my writing.

Q:  What are your weaknesses?

A:  Keeping on task.   

Q:  Is there a point when a writer knows everything about writing?

A: least there shouldn't be.  If a writer thinks they have reached that point, their writing will become stale.  There is always something new to learn about writing.  You basically stunt your growth when you think you know everything about anything; and it is okay to not know everything

Q:  What are your future plans in the writing world?

A:  To keep writing, of course.  If I had no one to share my work with, I would still write...and did before I found sites to share it on.  But I enjoy sharing my work and my wild imagination.  It drives me to dig deeper, write bigger and show up my last work.   

Q:  Any advice for future writers?

A:  Only this:  If you love it, write it.  Errors can always be fixed!!  Don't ever let criticisms stop you from doing what you love.